Our Vision...

Love getting new shoes, apparel, supplements, and gear? Hate waiting two weeks for it to arrive?

Our goal is to bring everything you need for the sports of Fitness and Weightlifting directly to you. Rather than ordering online, paying shipping costs and having to wait 5-7 days to receive your product and assume it's the right size, let us do all of that for you.

As competitors, weightlifters and members of the community, we understand the value of getting the gear you need without having to wait or overpay. Below Parallel will carry most of the major brands you've grown to love and can not live without. Whether you're training for a competition, brand new to working out, or just want cool stuff, we've got something for you.

See something we don't carry that you think we should? Go our contact page, send us an email and let us know what it is you'd like to see in-store.

-Below Parallel